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We are an open innovation house looking for meaningful collaborations with...

We are interested in passionate startups and work with amazing companies from various sectors to co-develop use cases for cars of the future. We provide funding, space and (or) resources to bring your ideas one giant step closer to production.


We collaborate with various labs at top research institutes and design schools through funding, industry support, design sprints and internships.


Corporations of all sizes are welcome to pitch new use cases in connected services, autonomous driving, new mobility solution and advanced in-car user experience.


With a strong focus on the community as one of the major stakeholders in our business models we are constantly asking how our solutions help the community.


4 core areas of focus for the future of mobility
We are a collaborative team working on creative mobility solutions that are smart, comfortable and safe.

As one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe, Renault is dedicated to driving innovation, imagining the car of the future, and shaping sustainable mobility. Located minutes from leading hardware and software companies, our Silicon Valley office is geared to capitalize on the region’s world-class engineering talent and stay ahead of trends that are reshaping the way people interact with their cars. Renault’s main focus are on autonomous and assisted driving, zero-emission vehicles, and connected cars. Our unique office in Sunnyvale, California is a direct result of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which shares a collective goal of expanded presence in Silicon Valley. In a shared facility with Nissan, RISV houses an advanced research center specializing in connected services, autonomous driving, and new businesses in mobility and advanced user experience. Renault aims to learn from and actively contribute to the Silicon Valley start-up ecosystem by launching several partnerships with start-ups, universities, and labs each year. We support our affiliates in many ways to co-develop new research topics, use cases, and products.

  • Connected Services

    the car interacts with your digital lifestyle seemlessly

  • Autonomous Driving

    the promise of a car that can take over and drive for you

  • New Businesses

    building new user-centered business models

  • User Experience

    a car that delivers an experience that gives you meaning


Corporate oppurtunities inlcuding internships, technical, professional and management positions


Band of system thinkers with deep domain knowledge and broad industry network
Serge Passolunghi
Spent 15 years in Renault Engineering & IT as Project Leader and Manager for digital tools introduction before appointment of director, RISV. Continuously looking for Disruptive Approach and Changes towards Unknowns
Shad Laws
Innovation Projects Manager AD & Driver Experience
Heading the Autonomous Driving team working on vehicle dynamics and control research and HMII design. Spends a lot of both work and free time on race tracks.
Pierre Delaigue
Innovation Project Manager Driver Monitoring & IOT
14 years combined experience in the automotive sector. Focusing on driver monitoring and IoT research. Always up to new things.
Simon hougard
Innovation Strategist Product Planning
Accelerating the time-to-market of Renault-Nissan Silicon Valley innovation projects and bridging the Silicon Valley activities with the Product Planning & Program strategies.
Lionel Cordesses
Innovation Projects Manager Digital Car
IEEE Senior Member, Independent Expert in Analog and Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, holding 31 patents.
Nikhil Gowda
Researcher Human Factor & HMII
Innovative thinker, with a background in engineering, design and business. Working on driver sensing & data interpretation and interaction for autonomous systems.
Carrie Bobier-tiu
Senior Researcher Autonomous Driving
Background in modeling and control with an emphasis on vehicle dynamics. Currently developing AI Control algorithms for autonomous driving. Loves traveling and crossfit!
Holly Russell
Researcher Autonomous Driving
Background in control systems engineering and vehicle dynamics. Currently developing autonomous driving algorithms. Avid knitter.
Clara Terrien
Innovation Ecosystems Manager
Specialized in how large corporations engage with startups, universities, and cities to advance urban mobility and improve our cities. Responsible for the design, launch, and international coordination of a multi-corporate and public-private innovation framework that taps into the ecosystem to experiment and scale services targeting urban applications. Marathon runner.
Sebastien Henot
Business Model Innovation Manager
Skills in supply chain, pricing, product management and strategic marketing = Over a decade experience in the automotive business… and the conviction that it is time to disrupt most of it. Passions: Cars and guitars, as long as they are electric.
Thomas Ehrmann
Antropologist Insights Tracker
Greg Kehoe
Robotics SW developer
Paul de Chatelperron
Fab Lab Coordinator
Skills in Design and Engineering. Imagine the news experiences inside the autonomous vehicle combining Art+Tech. Quick prototyping, outdoor thinker, interested by natural mobilities: surf, climbing and paragliding.
Francois Peltier
Digital Business Intelligence General Manager
Omar Bentahar
Background in economics and engineering, focuses on analyzing data wherever they come from. Passionate about ball sport. Long-time team handball practitioner.
Anna Baranskaya
Open Innovation Strategist
Passionate advocate of Open Innovation, encouraging Renault-Nissan’s innovation labs to collaborate with startups, universities, and other partners, and to explore new innovation challenges. Hiking enthusiast enjoying all outdoor opportunities that the Bay Area generously offers…
Jamie Lee
Business Innovation
MBA candidate at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, with over 9 years of management consulting experience working on business innovation to disrupt the automotive industry.
Sarah Amar
AI Engineering
Automatic control and embedded systems engineering student, interested in new technologies and open innovation. Currently working on a machine learning project within the Artificial Intelligence group. Loves travelling and enjoys outdoor activities
Valentin Magnier
Researcher Autonomous Driving
Automotive engineer with a PhD background in multi-sensor data fusion. He is working on new autonomous vehicles with the focus to improve their performance. Passionate about building all kind of moving vehicles.

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